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My experience with Justin sigmen was the best he got my charges dropped he is a very good lawyer and he will help you in any way he can thanks justin

- Travis Simpson


Absolutely amazing lawyer. Great guy. Will help with all your legal needs

- Wayne Capps


Mr. Sigmon returned our calls and was very professional and respectful!

- Sandy Torrey


A modest guy but very effective. Helped me out of a petty charge that was a total misunderstanding. Will definitely use again if I need legal representation. You know you got the right guy when the judge says "Case dismissed, you're free to go". Thanks Sigmon!

- Lucas Wyatt


I got my case dismissed and was very friendly and concerned about making sure my charges were taken care of. He's very busy but worth any wait. Would recommend.

- Alivea Turner


Efficient, caring, reasonably-priced. Returns calls promptly.

- M Boon


Great attorney!

- Keith Davis